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Cateye AMPP500+ViZ150 Light Set

Cateye AMPP500+ViZ150 Light Set

Excluding GST/HST


Fantastic combo set to see and be seen


  • Compact and powerful USB rechargeable light set, perfect for commuters
  • Ampp 500 front light: 500 lumen max output, 4 modes, up to 40h run time
  • Stable FlexTight bracket
  • Rapid Mini rear light: 180 visibility, 25 lumen max output, 4 modes, up to 20h run time
  • Easy to use rubber band bracket
  • ow battery indicator on both lights
  • Charging time: 4-4.5h front, 2h rear


Product description Cateye AMPP500+ViZ150 Light Set

- Safety First, The Ampp500 Comes With Maximum Side Visibility, Securely Held In Place With Our Adjustable Flextight™ Bracket.
- Compact, Bright, And Versatile, The Viz150 Stands Out With High Visibility From Opticube™ Lens Technology And Daytime Hyperflash™ Mode In An Economical Package.


- Rechargeable Headlight (500 Lm)
- Wide Beam With Opticube™ Lens Technology
- Excellent Side Visibility
- Low Battery Indicator (Illuminates In Red With Less Than 20% Battery Remaining)
- Usb Rechargeable (Micro-Usb Cable Included)
- Mode Memory Function
- Four Light Modes (High / Low / Daytime Hyperconstant / Flashing)
- Turns On High Mode With Double-Click Of Power Button
- Flextight™ Bracket
- Improved Release Button Has Made It Easy To Remove The Light Unit From The Bracket
- Helmet Mount And Center Fork Bracket (Optional)

- 3 Leds (150 Lm)
- Highly Visible During Daytime
- 300 Degree Visibility
- Long Rear Beam Projection
- Opticube™ Lens Technology
- Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
- Usb Rechargeable
- Low Battery Indicator
- 4 Modes *Charging Time: 3h
- Mode Memory Function
- Battery Auto Save (The Mode Automatically Changes To Flashing When The Battery Power Gets Low.)
- New Seat Post Bracket Sp-15 Which Fits Contemporary (Kammtail) Aero Seatpost
- Snap System™


- [Ampp500]: 34 X 100 X 37 Mm
- [Viz150]: 62.5 X 21.0 X 32.5mm
- [Ampp500]: 117 G (Light Unit And Battery)
- [Viz150]: 27 G (With Batteries)
- Light Source: [Ampp500] High Intensity White Led X1
- [Viz150]: Red Led X3

Run Time:
- High Mode 500 Lumens: 1.5hrs
- Low Mode 250 Lumens: 3hrs
- Daytime Hyperconstant Mode 500/250 Lumens: 5hrs
- Flashing Mode 250 Lumens: 50hrs
- Constant (20 Lumens): 5 Hrs
- Flashing (15 Lumens): 70 Hrs
- Group Ride (50 Lumens): 11 Hrs
- Daytime Hyperflash (150 Lumens): 15 Hrs

- [Ampp500]: Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (3.6v-2200mah)
- [Viz150]: Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Recharge Time:
- [Ampp500]: 4-8hrs (Usb2.0 Recharge)
- [Viz150]: Approx 3 Hrs (0.5a)
Mount Size:
- [Ampp500]: Φ22.0~35.0mm
- [Viz150]: Φ21.5-32.0mm. Fits Up To 130mm Outer Circumference. (Sp-15)



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