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Avid Disk Brake - Road Mechanical BB5

Avid Disk Brake - Road Mechanical BB5

C$86.38 Regular Price
C$77.74Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST

Avid BB5 Road Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper (CPS) - incl. Adapter and Disc

There's power in simplicity. For years now, ball bearing disc brakes have been a favorite among riders who want control, durability, dependability and piece-of-cake adjusting. BB's adjustment knobs make quick work out of setting the perfect distance between the pads and rotor, as well as adjusting for pad wear. This is something you just can't do with hydraulic brakes. And when you run ball bearing disc brakes, you can match them with Avid`s Speed Dial® levers for sweet, adjustable modulation.

Disc brakes aren't just for mountain bikes any more. One ride with the smooth, powerful BB5 Road and you'll know the confidence and control that disc brakes bring to your road riding adventures.

Tri-Align™ Caliper Positioning System™
Another original Avid technology making your life better-there's never been an easier brake to install and adjust. With Avid's Tri-Align™Caliper Positioning System™, aligning the caliper to the rotor literally takes seconds. Just loosen the CPS™ bolts a little, and then squeeze the brake lever while re-tightening the bolts. Perfect caliper alignment-just like that.

The brake is compatible with all road brake levers, as well as Shimano STI-, Campagnolo Ergopower-, SRAM DoubleTap levers. Please pay attention to the max. permitted disc diameter depending on your fork and frame!
Brake caliper: Postmount | IS2000 with adaptor
Disc: G2 CleanSweep | 6-hole
Included in delivery: 140mm:
1x caliper, 1x G2 CleanSweep disc 140mm, 1x adapter 0mm IS

1x caliper, 1x G2 CleanSweep disc 160mm, 1x adapter 0mm IS, 1x adapter 20mm IS
Manufacturer item code: 140mm: 00.5016.166.080
160mm: 00.5016.166.070
Weight supplement: incl. 160mm disc

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